I answered a few questions, so you could learn a bit more about me and my background!

1. Did you always want to do the career you do now?

No, I haven’t!

2. Have you ever had another job/career?

Yes, I previously worked as a garden centre manager

3. Why did you change?

The garden centre changed ownership, so it was no longer for me

4. Have you lived in different places? Why? What was good/bad about it?

No, I’ve always lived in Leicestershire

5. What changes have you experienced in your life

Becoming a mum, and now a grandma. They have both taught me patience

6.  Why do you do the job you do now? What do you love/dislike?

I love meeting new people and working out their promotional needs, to find the best products for them. I also love helping customers at their exhibitions

7.  What are your aspirations for the future?

I would like to keep the business going for a few more years, continuing to grow the customer base

8. What have the key influences in your life been?

My father has always been my biggest influence




You can contact me on:


01455 208088