Feeling stressed in the run up to Christmas? Have so much to do before the big day? It’s time to invest in some anti-stress products!

Stress and anxiety are very common experiences for most people, especially at this time of the year. It’s so important to think about yourself and to stay healthy!

We have a solution! Here at promotional Solutions, we have many products which will help you, your staff and your clients stay happy and healthy this run up to Christmas!

Stress Balls:


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 Stress balls are the perfect way to take out any frustration that you might be holding in. When we are stressed, our bodies tense up, leaving us with the need to physically clench something. By squeezing and releasing a stress ball, you are left feeling less tense than when you started, making this an easy solution to having a less stressful day!

Fidget Spinners:

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You might think that fidget spinners are just a children’s toy, however they actually have a lot of health-related benefits! Their aim is to help people who have trouble focusing or for those who feel the need to fidget to relieve anxiety, stress or nerves. They allow you to focus on something else, reducing your stress levels.

Water Bottles:

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Drinking water reduces stress! Such a simple, yet often forgotten solution! There is evidence to show that dehydration leads to the stress hormone increasing, resulting in more anxiety and concerns over everyday issues. By investing in a sustainable water bottle, you can stay hydrated throughout the whole day, enabling you to feel more confident and healthier at work!


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Feeling a little bit unorganised? Feel like there’s too much going on? Write it down! Calendars and diaries are such an easy way to keep up to date with everything! By having all of your meetings and events written down on paper, you can organise your time better, leaving you feeling less stressed out about your week ahead.  With a 2020 calendar or diary, you will never miss an appointment again!


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